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Who are Beneficial Herbs? 
Beneficial Herbs are a small passionate and enthusiastic team based in the uk, we run an informative website whose aim is to raise awareness of both forms of the cannabis plant "Hemp" and "Marijuana" / CBD" and their Amazing Benefits. Despite our support for all forms of the plant, we also think it’s important to recognise the differences. While medical marijuana / CBD can transform lives for the better, industrial hemp in all its forms has thousands more uses that are used very differently. We have two Guides / Blog`s that are definitely worth reading, the  "Ultimate guide to using CBD successfully" and a "Guest Writers all things Hemp" section. Whether you are a seasoned Hemp or Medical Marijuana supporter, or a complete beginner they both make for a great read. It is our hope that as many people as possible will benefit from the knowledge we gain and share for free to help them on their journey to a hopefully very positive outcome if it`s CBD/Medical Marijuana you require help and knowledge with, Or if it`s to learn more about Hemp and help to raise awareness of it`s many benefits not only to us but especially to our planet.
We literally spend hundreds of hours researching, verifying and authenticating Manufacturers of Hemp and CBD products that are available in the uk, and keeping ourselves up to date with the latest advances.You can be confident that we are very selective when choosing which products we should recommend. If we do recommend them you can be sure they are definitively worth trying, to benefit your Health and if it`s Hemp to benefit our planet too.
Thank you for following and supporting us and we sincerely hope that our website is of benefit to you, if you find that it has been, please let us know and share your knowledge so that others may benefit.
Much Love: beneficial herbs

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