Safe CBD Vape Oils INTENDED for Adults (18+) Only

Safe CBD Vape Oils INTENDED for Adults (18+) Only

With Vaping getting a bad press lately we would like to clarify a few things:

Our research, Experts and existing evidence largely agree, that CBD itself, when vaped, is largely safe. But that is only if you can get your hands on unadulterated CBD tinctures to vape.

The problem many CBD vapers have faced recently seems to stem mainly from poor regulation over the vaping market in general, and the subsequent unreliable quality of any vape or vape oil. 

Here at beneficial herbs we Extensively research and review any products that we feel could possibly benefit people with a variety of Ailments.

With that said, we have been researching and reviewing CBD Vaping for some time now, and if vaping is your prefered method of consumption then we would recommend this range from Get Hemp as a safe and trusted Manufacturer offering full traceability and consistent quality control.

Their products are pure, Tested and meet all our criteria for recommendation.  As always all links will take you Directly to the Manufacturer for Best Price, Service and any current special offers they may be running.

CBD Cartridges

Gethemp CBD Cartridges are perfect for those who are trying to get their daily CBD dose while conveniently vaping. All of these cartridges are filled with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract. Each cartridge contains 1ml of CBD vape oil liquid and is an easy and safe way to get your daily dose of Beneficial CBD.


Dosing while vaping has many variables such as draw strength, wattage, device used, and many more. It is typically recommend about 20 draws daily to get your recommended daily amount. However it will vary by the variables mentioned above. 

For best results:

Use low voltage and do not use above 10W.


PG, VG, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Food Grade Terpene Blend.

CBD Vaping

CBD, in order for it to achieve its effects, needs to enter the blood stream so it can travel to where it can do its intended job.  If you simply swallow CBD, the stomach will digest a great deal of it and what passes through into the bloodstream (and eventually the liver) will result in a bioavailability of about 15%, or more specifically, if you ingest 50 mg of pure CBD you can look forward to 7.5 mg worth of effect in your body.

For many, sublingual (under the tongue) introduction of CBD is sufficient.  By placing it under the tongue, the sheer number of blood vessels near the surface can absorb the CBD and get much more of it directly into the blood stream and bypass the digestive process.  It may as much as double the effect.

All of our blood passes through our liver, which actively seeks to regulate all the chemicals floating around in there, using enzymes to break down things it deems unnecessary.  There is no easy way to avoid that; however, through so-called “vaping” a great deal more can be made available to the bloodstream though the lungs, which are rich in blood vessels designed for easy exchange between the air and the bloodstream.

Use Much Less

Vaping provides a 50 to 60% bioavailability factor (3-4 times more than simple ingestion), so it is much more cost effective, even after you include the expense of the variegated methods of Vaping.  You’ll need to invest in a CBD Vape Pen or E-cig, or a device of some kind, to vaporise your CBD and carrier fluid as well as batteries and chargers, if it is a portable model.  The savings for vaping are quite tangible when compared to ingestion, or even sublingual consumption.

AS with any type of product it really is up to individual preference, but if Vaping is your prefered method its definitely worth trying this range for a safe, effective and tasty option. 

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