The Benefits of Hemp to Our Environment- OR – Definitely all it’s Hemped up to be

23 Nov

The Benefits of Hemp to Our Environment- OR – Definitely all it’s Hemped up to be

So many of us are worried about the damage we are doing to our planet today, we hear so much about it in the news, but what are WE actually doing to help.  I do the usual recycling each week, which makes me feel good and earns brownie points, but that is just not enough, so I got to thinking what can I, a ageing Flower Child of the 60’s contribute? What can I do that can help make a difference?

Whilst searching the internet it became clear to me that Hemp has so very much to offer and I’d like to present some information to you that might make YOU stop and think.

First of all Hemp is NOT cannabis and is not a drug.

I found out there are so many positive facts regarding Hemp and its properties, here are a few of them:-

Hemp uses 9 times less plastic than cotton and over 50% less water.

Hemp puts 60-70% of the nutrients it uses back into the earth.

Hemp is a member of one of the most advanced plant families on earth, and is capable of using the sun’s energy more efficiently than virtually any other.

Hemp can be made into so many products from cosmetics to paint, fabrics to food and has the advantage of being biodegradable and recyclable.

Amazingly Henry Ford’s Hemp car withstood 5 times the impact of its metal counterpart.  It can be transformed into cement, tiles, paints, insulation, musical instruments and MOST significantly – fuel.

Kevin McCloud says “Hemp homes are the warmest, driest, cheapest and the most Eco-sustainable form of home construction.”

Hemp is grown at the Eden Project under an industrial licence.

Hemp grows very fast and is adaptable to soil and climate conditions, is undemanding on resources such as artificial fertilisers and pesticides.  It provides a good break crop for the farmer, giving the land a rest from other crops and helping to prevent disease.

It is a potential flag ship sustainable crop for the 21st century. 

Hemp is once again being considered by governments as a useful crop.

Hemp is six times as strong as cotton, much more resilient to weathering and wear and more lustrous and absorbent.

Hemp is much more environmentally friendly to grow.

Hemp was originally from the Indian Subcontinent.

Hemp requires full light, but can grow in most soil types, providing they are damp.

Hemp replenishes the soil through its deep root system.  It helps to preserve topsoil erosion and does not need to be rotated as often.

The fibre crop grown in Europe has no THC (tetrahydrocannabinel)

Hemp paper can be recycled 80 times – ordinary paper only 4.

These are all proven facts, and there are many more.  Well my interest after researching this has been heightened, and I feel I CAN contribute to the preservation of our environment. HOW? I can hear you say.  Well let’s think about it, and straight away I am thinking beauty and fashion.

I discovered that a dry skin can be helped by hemp butter, and that the Body Shop has amongst its products a moisture protector, lip care, and hand protector.  I also discovered you can obtain moisturising soap and sunscreen.  A good start and very encouraging.

I wanted to explore Hemp clothing and came up with these facts:-

Hemp fabrics kill bacteria making them naturally anti-microbial and odour resistant.

Clothes made out of hemp fibres are thermo regulating – big word which means they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Hemp is used in jeans, shirts, dresses, hats, bags, ropes and scarves.

The more Hemp is used the softer it gets.  Hemp doesn’t wear out it wears in. Sustainable fashion.

So just look at all the benefits of wearing Hemp clothing.  It is the most eco friendly fabric on the planet.  The material is very strong.  It has a UV protectant – keeps the skin safe.  Hemp fabric is very soft and gets softer over time and is also abrasion resistant.  The fabric looks good and feels good in all seasons.  It is naturally biodegradable.  Hemp allows efficient fibre production.  For the same amount of acres that cotton can grow Hemp is able to produce up to 3 times more fibre.

There is no contest for me, in future I will be looking at and buying products and clothes that are made from Hemp, but here is another thing – UNDERWEAR – the most important piece of clothing you chose to wear each day.  Hemp underwear helps to protect you, keeps you comfortable, protects you from toxins and general ‘bad stuff’ of the environment we live in.  Hemp is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and has anti-odor properties.  It is more breathable than other products. What’s not to like?

This research has given me a real wake up call, an awareness of how we can help in some small way to preserve our environment.  There is so much more to explore and find out and I intend to do this.  I want to research into pain relief and how Hemp may be able to contribute.  I urge you to stop and think how you may, however small the step, be able to help our planet.  We can ALL DO SOMETHING.  I am bowled over by what I have discovered.  For me this is just a start. A new dawn a new day.

Dice Buchanan – November 2019

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