Hemp Thongs

Hemp Thongs

Suns out buns out!

The stretchy sustainable fabric brings a comfort to a thong that you never knew could possibly exist. Designed with a great fit and nature in mind, you can wear them to school, to work and even to bed with your loved one, but when the lights go out… Relax, it’s Natural!

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hemp thong

53% hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3% spandex 

Soft flexible waistband 

Naturally comfortable

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It is the most Eco friendly fabric on the planet.  The material is very strong.  It has a UV protectant – keeps the skin safe.  Hemp fabric is very soft and gets softer over time and is also abrasion resistant.  The fabric looks good and feels good in all seasons.  It is naturally biodegradable.  Hemp allows efficient fibre production.  For the same amount of acres that cotton can grow Hemp is able to produce up to 3 times more fibre.


anti bacterial hemp

Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial killing off any bacteria fungus or molds. Hemp also has UV protection at the highest rate of UPF 50+.


durable hemp

Hemp is the worlds strongest natural fibre making it last a super long time. It wears in and not out and gets softer with every wash.


breathable hemp

Super breathable material with increased airflow helps wick away moisture quick and keep you super comfortable, naturally.


sustainable hemp

Hemp is the worlds most sustainable fabric. Hemp plants grow super fast, use no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and improve soil health.

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