26 Sep

Women and men who have tried CBD to increase their enjoyment of sex have reported feeling more relaxed and comfortable when engaging in sexual activity than without CBD.

So does Cannabidiol really enhance sexual pleasure? 

Growing research shows that cannabinoids are great vasodilators, enhancing blood flow and, in turn, relaxing muscles. This effect is great for sex, for obvious reasons. 

As we all know THC  is a great pain reliever, and CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory, so both of these cannabinoids are working in a beneficial way to decrease any pain which a lot of people experience. Even if you don't experience pain, everyone can benefit from the increase in blood flow, it is estimated about 20% of women experience pain during or after sex, and those numbers increase to about 33% after menopause. 

CBD is thought to improve sexual experiences in a number of ways, through its effects on both the body and the brain. This compound is known to put users into a relaxed state, reduce anxiety and increase blood flow to blood vessels around the body. When you use CBD, you're increasing blood flow to the clitoral-urethral-vaginal complex, which in turn increases sensation, arousal, and natural lubrication.

Anxiety reduction is also significant:

Anxiety reduction is significant too, in that a key barrier to sexual satisfaction is often the anxiety and mental blocks that prevent us from fully engaging with our partner. When we are more relaxed and comfortable with ourselves, we inevitably enjoy sexual experiences more and feel more sexually fulfilled than when we are nervous and anxious.

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