Bioavailability and Sublingual, What are they? What do they mean for CBD?

23 Oct

At beneficial herbs we try to keep you up to date with the latest CBD news and also the latest CBD Products that actually work, and how to use them effectively.

There are certain "buzz" words that are used in relation to CBD and how it is administered into the body, so here is an explanation to make things easy to understand and so you can personally make a more informed decision if you do decide to use or are already using CBD product`s.

CBD is a potent substance

As we all know by now CBD is a potent and beneficial substance, but there are many ways of intaking it, and that can make a huge difference as to how effectively it works for you.


Put quite simply "bioavailability" is when you intake food, water, medicine, supplements or other kinds of substances like CBD and your body has to break it down and then absorb it into your bloodstream. As we know once it is in your blood stream your body can then use it for whatever it needs to do.

Bioavailability a word we use for telling us the size of our CBD dose we are taking, and this is governed by the way in which we consume it.  For example consuming CBD in edible or capsule form offers a lower Bioavailability than vaping or tinctures (Oils).

When we consume CBD Edibles or capsules they will be ingested just like our food or water would be, it passes through our digestive system and is broken down in our stomachs, eventually it makes it way to our liver which filters out Harmful substances or what it thinks will not benefit our bodys and helps you breakdown and use the nutritious substances.

Our Liver will filter out a lot of CBD`s Terpenes and Nutrients

Don`t worry CBD isn't actually bad for you at all it`s just that our liver filters out a lot of the substance. This means Edibles and Capsules have a very Low Biodiversity When any of the CBD molecules do reach the bloodstream their benefit "Potency" has been greatly reduced.

High Bioavailability

When we consume CBD via the vaping method it has a much more direct route into our bloodstream. It enters our lungs which are full of blood vessels and veins, then makes it almost directly available in our bloodstream.

None of the CBD`s potency has been lost and we feel the effect alot quicker " High Bioavailability".


This method delivers a powerful dose straight to your bloodstream, By using Tinctures "Pipettes" we can administer one or two drops directly under our tongue where our salivary glands are located. These salivary glands are connected very smoothly with our body`s internal processes, by delivering CBD in this way none of the potency is lost and as with vaping, we also feel the effect and benefit much quicker.

Where do i start?

Well it really is a case of trial and error and finding what works best for you, Our advice is to start on a low dose of whatever Bioavailability you think may work for you or Sublingual and give it time to take effect a week or two is a fair trial you can then adjust your dose or method of consumption accordingly..

We only recommend CBD products that are proven to work and that are genuinely pure full spectrum, have full traceability, full transparency and great verifiable customer reviews. If you are considering CBD or are looking to maximise your current CBD usage, with the above knowledge and the products we have tirelessly researched in our recommended product section, you will be beginning or continuing your CBD journey in the best way possible and from a much more informed point of view.

If you haven't already read it we have also written the "Ultimate Guide To Using CBD Successfully" It covers everything CBD and it designed to inform and educate people on all aspects of CBD. 

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