Can CBD Help You To Lose Weight ?

25 Oct

Can CBD Help You To Lose Weight:

As we know CBD is a potent substance that has amazing potential for many aspects of our Health, Although a lot more research is needed to discover and unlock it`s true potential. What we do know is that current research suggests that CBD may in fact reduce our daily food intake, and actually boost our metabolism which would in turn promote Weight Loss.

Recent Studies:

Studies carried out show that CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in lymphoid tissue and the brain, It is these receptors that are thought to play an important role in our metabolism and food intake, this in turn would directly affect our weight. Over a two week period rats were injected daily with a CBD dose of:

a) 2.3 mg per pound of body weight 

b) 5 mg per pound of body weight

It was noted that both doses promoted significant reductions in body weight, with (b) having the largest reduction. During the study the doses were administered by injection so they would be directly available in the blood stream (High  Bioavailability ) meaning none of the potency is lost. Another study carried out also showed that CBD led to a significant reduction in food intake, While these results are very encouraging human studies are needed to support these findings.

The Potential For CBD Is Huge:

We are unlocking more and more benefits of CBD all the time, Much more research is needed so more people can benefit from it`s amazing properties. Of the studies that have been done we do know some of the benefits of CBD already but there are plenty more that we are yet to discover.

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