CBD tops Turmeric

29 Nov

CBD tops turmeric as top-selling dietary supplement, charting up 333% in natural channels, According to the Hemp Industries Association.

CBD vs Turmeric

According to Hemp Industries research CBD has in fact topped Turmeric in the natural health supplement market, this is great news for CBD but that isn`t where it ends. At Beneficial Herbs we have taken it a stage further and discovered that this is correct when applied to certain age groups, however we found that older age groups are very sceptical with regard to CBD partly due to the uncertainty as it is relatively new and we are creatures of habit. But also because of the stigma and misinformation that is still attached to it, it`s drugs , i,ll get stoned!, it`s against the law etc etc.. 

Our Ultimate Guide to using CBD successfully is very worth while reading as it explains all aspects of CBD and Medical Marijuana, and dispels a lot of the misinformation surrounding it.

Lastly what we must consider is the fact that Turmeric is a powerful natural herb that has amazing health benefits particularly with certain ailments, like arthritis and it`s anti inflammatory properties, but so does CBD.

Our advise is if you find that Turmeric alone is not managing to help as much as it used too, or you still need more relief you can in fact use both CBD and Turmeric together. No interaction has been shown between these natural medicines and when combined they can make for a powerful natural treatment with no known side effects. so carry on taking Turmeric but you may also take High Quality CBD as well to boost the natural benefits.

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